Dismissed UDP members disown chairman

Martin Aligo Abe the Secretary General For United Democratic

Party (UDP)(Photo: Martha David)

By Martha David

Members of the United Democratic Party (UDP) who were dismissed by the party chairman last week have disowned him.

In an interview with the Juba Monitor yesterday, Martin Aligo Abe the Secretary General for UDP, who was dismissed together with two other members, said he did not know the party chairman who reportedly dismissed them.

He added that they were dismissed from the party for unknown reasons.

Mr. Aligo, Steward Soroba Budia, and Alberto Faustino were dismissed by Dr.Tong Lual Ayat, the chairman of United Democratic Party last week over alleged spreading of hate speeches and violation of the party’s constitution.

Aligo denied any relationship with the chairman, saying he had nothing to do with him.

“We have never been in one party with him and we have never seen one another until recently when he was going to claim the leadership of the party,” Aligo claimed.

He claimed that the UDP chairman has not been practicing politics, saying “unless recently because of the revitalized peace agreement.”

“Since we booked the name of the party UDP and we delivered our papers to the political parties’ council to practice politics, he   has not been there unless recently because of signing of the revitalized peace agreement,” he added.

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