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Disabled Persons call for rectification of their rights document

Mawut Louis Alier, Chairperson of Visually Impaired Persons Association (file photo):

By Kitab A Unango

The National Disabled Persons Organization (NDPO) has called on the government to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

The representative of National Disabled Persons Organization, Mawut Louis Alier said that they have been calling on the government every year to endorse the convention on the rights of persons with disability but so far nothing has been done.

“I am calling on the government and all the stakeholders to ratify the convention on the rights of persons with disability which we have been calling for every year,” Mawut urged.

Mawut made the call on behalf of the people with disabilities during the commemoration of International Day for Persons with Disability. The day was celebrated on Monday under the theme “Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusivity and equality.”

Mr. Mawut also called for the enactment and dissemination of the Disability Act that would provide legal frame work for the support of persons with disabilities in the country.

“I also want to call upon the government for the enactment of the disability acts which will provide legal support for disabilities policy that was produced by the Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare; and to disseminate the same to all parts of the country,” he added.

He further called on the government for the inclusion of persons with disabilities at all levels of decision making process so that they could speak for themselves.

Mawut further said persons with disabilities would not be respected or become satisfied until the theme of this year’s celebration is translated into tangible actions.

The Program Coordinator of the Light to the World Organization, Melte Fahnders, said the rate of poverty among persons with disabilities in low income countries is alarming adding that they were at risk of being neglected from basic human rights and needs.

“Poverty rate for persons with disabilities worldwide is 40 percent and in low income countries and conflict areas persons with disabilities are at high risk to be neglected from basic human rights and needs including food, education and health,” Fahnders said.






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