By Anna Nimiriano

December is the last month of the year known by everybody, including children. It is a month that Christians all over the word celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on the 25th every year.  The date is fixed and cannot be amended like other public holidays. In other countries, from the first week of December everything for Christmas season is available in the markets, things like new clothes, shoes, Christmas tree and songs. I am sure with peace in the country; traders from the neighboring countries would bring their goods to South Sudan.  Some women would start conducting surveys in the markets from this week, finding out what are the new items in the markets and the prices.  They list many items to their husbands to purchase not understanding whether there is money or not. Children too would demand a lot of things, parents who do not understand the meaning of Christmas, may cause problems in the family.

As Christians what is important to you in December is the message to all of us to know. The message of clergy in the churches is that “every Christian should prepare his or her heart to receive Jesus Christ the King.” How are you going to receive, it depends on how much you open your heart to God.  What kind of forgiveness would you like to ask from God is the most important thing in this season. Do not wait to prepare yourself at the last moment. Some of you may think it is still early to talk about Christmas. But the earlier is the better.

Within these periods of conflict, we did a lot of bad things against the will of God. This is the right time to ask pardon from Him for the destruction we made in this country. Some people may think on how to celebrate the Christmas with the economic crisis in the country. That is not a big deal if you have Christ in your heart. For those who are still planning on how to celebrate Christmas, make it simple and understand your family with the financial situation. If you had planned for it some months ago, that is fine with you and the family.

Some people are planning to go to the village or to the neighboring countries to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends. It is possible since there is peace in the country, mobility could be better compared to the previous years.  My advice to you is that make the arrangement early not to cause inconveniences.  For Juba Monitor partners and friends who are preparing to travel to their countries, I wish them all the best, save journey home.  Merry Christmas to you and a happy New Year.

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