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Damaged Konyo Konyo Road repaired

The repaired section of the Konyo Konyo-Juba Bridge road. Photo: Mandela Nelson

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The damaged section of the Konyo-Konyo Road near Juba Bridge has finally been opened by the city council after repair.

The road that has been on construction for the last two years due to break down is now accessible to road users.

Being one of the busiest roads, its opening was met with great excitement among residents more so traders.

Okumu Peter, a driver on the Juba-Torit Road told Juba Monitor that they were forced to look for other ways to access the Juba Bridge and proceed to Torit Road.

Peter received the news from his colleague upon his arrival from Torit in the morning.

“When my friend told me that he drove through the blocked road, I did not believe and had to drive there myself,” said Peter

A nurse who sought anonymity said the opening of the road is great news to her business because most patients had difficulties accessing her premises.

“Most of our patients coming to the medical complex have been having difficulty with accessing the clinic because of the construction that was going on and now it will be easy for them to come to seek medication, “she said.

Rashid Bint, a businessman welcomed the opening of the road with all heart because the blockage affected his business.

“My shop used to be so busy with truck drivers and other people but since the road was blocked, coming to the place become so hard because there was no where they would park their trucks because they used to park by the road side,” said Rashid.

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