Consider the effects of heavy rains

By Agar Mayor Gai

Rains are a blessing from the Almighty God. It is indicated in the Holy Scripture that before anything whether in heaven or on earth was made, water was in its complete existence in this universe. Up or down was all full of water. And as the scripture says, it is also recorded that on the second day of his creation, He separated the waters by a dome. So there was now water both above and under with His then newly formed planet earth being in the middle. And because he knew how important water would be to the lives of those whom he was to put on earth, he allowed by his divine will, the occasional downpour (raining) of the above waters.

All the organisms need this water and that has granted us our living up to date. We live by the power of water. In gardens, we are not able to grow crops if no rain though there are some countries majorly using the waters which was put underneath the earth. In South Sudan, we have seen the effects of droughts. It is recorded that in the years 1988 and 1998 respectively, all parts of our country were hit by a serious hunger just because people could not get what to eat though they had down water to drink. They did not cultivate because the rain was not available.  They prayed to their God day and night such that He could send rain for them to grow crops, change their body weather conditions and simplify their lives and surely, God answered their prayer. From that last year up to date, we have not felt any shortage of food just because there has been consistent rains. All the uses of water, I can not mention.

In contrast, it is not a surprise that rains especially heavy ones can also be destructive in the other way round. Its bad side has been exposed to almost all the Juba residents. The nature of our city being sloppy has that to explain. You find that some areas are on higher ground than the others. So the water from areas like Jebels kujur and Dinka, Korwuliang, Giada flows to low areas of Hai Referendum,Thongpiny and Hai Jalaba where they form waterlogged sites. These sites have acted as habitats for vectors which are the major carriers of disease causing germs. They have also blocked roads for cars, formed small pools in places where they are not needed. Heavy rains have seriously contributed to the slow development of our city. If you go to Thongpiny residential area, you will find that there are some homes before Dar petroleum which have been left for the water. It happens in Hai Referendum as well. If it rains when in place of work, you find all of your property taken by the rain even if you left your room locked. The rain has got the power to destroy your whole house with all in it. It has also got the power to take lives of people both young and old. This was seen in Munuki where a child was taken by the water. It also happened in the month of May in Tonj whereby a very heavy rain destroyed houses and injured a big number of people.

However, the root cause of this destructiveness by water is lack of proper drainage system and tarmacked roads. Our government through the Ministry of Roads and Bridges has to intervene in such situations. The ministry concerned has to consider the effects of heavy rains on people and their property. The magnitude of most rains that fall on our city is beyond normal. And so for us to cope up with their effects, our government suits the duty. No personal funds can do that job. It is only the national fund which can do all that can reduce the effects of heavy rains on our houses, roads and bridges. The government has to put to an end the rampant deaths of both children and adults through the improvement of our drainage systems. This should be an appeal to the government that God has given us the strength of control over all on earth. Through this power, the effects of rains on our local population can be got rid of easily. But now this human power is put in one and placed on you, the government. This means that the government should act as our eye seeing what we do not see, it should be our protector covering us with her hands in any shadow of calamities such as heavy rains.

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