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Civil Society urges more protection of civilians

By Kidega Livingstone

A civil society activist has urged the police to offer more protection to civilians to prevent crimes forcefully committed against them across the country.

Rajab Mohandis, the Executive Director for the Organizton for Responsive Governance (ORG) made the call during a community policing workshop over the weekend in Juba.

Mohandis said that security of civil population should be a priority for the police force. “This arrangement to enhance the reduction of crime is an important initiative for us the civil population,” he said. “Crimes in South Sudan are on increase because they come forcefully and involve life threatening situations,” said Mr. Mohandis.

He said encouraging the police and community members to work together would give hope for civilians.

Mr. Mohandis emphasized that civil society and the general population has to support community policing.

He appealed to the government and its development partners to equip the police with professionalism for them to combat crimes.

Mr. Mohandis said the government should be aware of conflict and even the security situation because it contributes to the difficulties faced by the police.

“Permanent ceasefire is holding and this will reduce the challenges that will affect the work of the police in support of increasing the safety of civilians,” he said.

He added that community policing should be taken to the community at the residential areas.

“Most of our people when they are in heavy environment they lack a word to speak but when we go down to the people police can get their voices directly. We stand to support the initiative,” he added.

However, Major General Daniel Justin, Police spokesperson said that crimes rate has reduced due to the relationship between the police and the community in reporting any crimes to the nearby police stations within their residential areas.

He said joint police patrols together with other forces have also contributed in fighting crimes “because they could reach all parts even at night immediately after any crime is reported.”

Maj Gen. Justin said the community policing program started last year in Juba but it will be extended to all the states in order to reduce crimes.

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