A foot for thought


By Anna Nimiriano

Dear brothers; Generals Thomas Cirilo and Paul Malong, today I am talking to you. I know you are not in the country but I hope you will hear what I am saying. I have been following your meetings with IGAD from the media, what you people had demanded from the government as your right. You didn’t agree with the revitalized peace agreement which was signed on 12 September, 2018. You had been meeting with the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to discuss possible ways of joining the rest of your brothers and sisters who are already in Juba for the implementation of the peace agreement.

Both of you are the sons of this country, nobody can deny you.  You have been working hard in this country before you leave. “Let us not pay evil with evil.” All of us had committed sins against one another, and the country.It would be us to forgive ourselves and rebuild the country collectively. Come home and continue with your suggestions on what you want South Sudan to be like. What is good for the people of South Sudan would be supported by them. For the reason that all of us are working for the welfare of this country. Time for conflict has passed, time for doing bad things have already gone. It is time to put South Sudan right.

This need you my brothers to join hands together with the rest of the people. Staying in other countries cannot help us to build this country. We cannot continue being refugees for some years to come, while we have our mother land. Many people had committed sins, and they reformed.Other leaders had destroyed their countries; they came together and rebuilt again. We are not far from those leaders; still there is time for us to do better.As Christians that is our way of living, nobody can say he or she is perfect in this world. It is only God who cannot commit sins.

We need to leave good records to our generations to come, so that they would be respected with what we did. Two of you were in the management of the government that is why I am calling you to come home for development of this country.  People of South Sudan are coming together, forgiving each other for the well being of the country. Currently, Christians are fasting as preparation for Easter; I need you to put all the outstanding issues you have in the hands of God.Jesus Christ died for our sins, we need to acknowledge that. The word of God is teaching us that we should not keep things for long time in our hearts; we need to forgive everybody before the Sun set. Yesterday I wrote on “fasting and forgiveness.” I think there is nothing we can do than to forgive each other in this sinful world. I hope the meeting of General Paul Malong with IGAD would finalize some outstanding matters.

May God bless us all.






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