China-Africa Cooperation at its best-Chinese Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister, Wang Yi addressing journalist at the Press

Centre in the side-line of the Two Session

By Morris Dogga in Beijing

Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi said on Friday that the relationship between china and Africa is at the best it has ever been,slamming claims that China is setting up a “debt trap” or acting as new colonial power.

Responding to a question on China’s new development plans for Africa, Wang said the cooperation continues to be a peace setter for the rest of the world.

“China Africa cooperation is becoming more and more successful. The springs and criticisms are seamier but there is deep mutual trust between our two sides,” he said.

“Our friendship is time-tested and the fruit of our cooperation can be seen across the African continent.”

China has implemented major projects and heavily invested in African continent in the past years.

In Kenya, China funded construction of the Standard Gauge Railway that connects Kenya’s Capital City –Nairobi-to the port of Mombasa.

Chinese investments and contracts in the Sub-Saharan Africa have total USD 299 billion dollars from 2005 to 2018, according to China Investment Global Tracker.

During the Forum for China- Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) President XI Jingping vowed to invest 60 billion dollars into African Nations.

Wang said China will fully implement the eight measure initiatives announced in last year’s Forum for China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) Beijing summit and continuously deepen the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) co-operation.

Sieving this two opportunities, Wang said a stronger China-Africa community with a shared future can be built.

“China and Africa have a long standing friendship. We are good brothers whose destines and fortunes are enshrined. China-Africa Cooperation continues to be a peace setter for the rest of the world,” said Wang

“After decades of diligent nurturing,the suppliant of China Africa cooperation has grown into a towering tree that no force can topple.You may have noticed that some African leaders and individuals have come against the Ludacris claim that China is setting debt trap or acting like a new colonial power, it shows that some slanders have no audience in Africa.”

He said China-Africa Cooperation has always been open and inclusive adding that Africa development requires more input from the international community.

“The exemplary effect of China Africa Cooperation can be leveraging to encourage more Countries to give greater attentions, weight and input to Africa.If all of us acting concert and combine our strength, we can make more contribution to peace and development in Africa.”

Chinese legislators are in Beijing for the annual sitting known as the “Two Session” the top legislators are discussing major pressing issues if  the country’s interest, including Foreign Policies, the Country’s Economy, Unemployment, Environmental pollution, Poverty Reduction among other.

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