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With Odongo Odoyo

“Chickens come home to roost” could simply be translated that each and everyone will carry his/her own cross. It could mean more but this time l want to dwell on carrying the “cross”. Before however, I wish to share one of the quotes by Rwandan President, Paul Kagame in which he said.“I would rather argue that we need to mobilize the right mindsets, rather than more funding. Africa has everything it needs in real terms but Africans remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance. We are even begging for things we already have. That is absolutely a failure of mindset”. In the minds of the educated elite. I need to pose a question. Are you in the same skull of thoughts with President Kagame? If so what have you done to ensure the continent’s image and resources were preserved for the people of Africa. If not then why haven’t you done anything to benefit the continent? I would want to be counted in the forefront. The only problem is that many people who do not see my contribution as anything significant are overshadowing my efforts. It is for the like minds not to always allow their contributions however, little, to be overshadowed. Just like somewhere in the Bible, actually John  Chapter one verses 46 in a discussion between Nathaniel and Philip in which the formers asked the latter if something good can come out of Nazareth. He was so enraged that he asked if something good can come out of that place. Indeed something good did come out of that place and the rest are living history. We should be able to live and walk with our heads high knowing that something good can come out of this continent and it has to start from our own backyards.How is your backyard? It starts with social interaction because something common is uniting the community. It extends to the community because something good is being mooted and the feeling is real. Then it is extended to the entire Nation because that feeling has been turned real and the effects are being enjoyed countrywide. In our situation this is peace which must be enhanced and guarded at all costs. It cannot be wished away and the thinking of the like mindsets. One thing we should start counting what we have that we can use to salvage our own situation before going across the borders to source for external assistance. Again in the Bible, Moses was stranded on reaching the source of the Red Sea with the children of Israel with enemies in hot pursuit when he asked God what to do, he was answered and asked what he had in his hand. Indeed what he had saved the situation and the children of Israel were able to cross the sea miraculously although Moses did never reach the Promised Land. I am thinking that if we all collectively use what is in our hand and what we have, then external assistance of minimal significant to the country which has all necessary natural resources which are darling to outside world and which have mysteriously left this country through unorthodox means. We need to work as a team with one another being the keeper of the other through peaceful co-existence. It is the only medicine to beat the enemy traps.

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