Bravo Nimiriano, great female leader

Rev. Awadia Bullen

I am more than delighted because one of our own, a woman of integrity Anna Nimiriano was named among the world’s greatest leaders. You are of a great value to our country South Sudan and I really appreciate your effort in putting our great country on world news.

Being a female journalist, there are a lot of challenges that you face but still you made it to the top regardless of the loopholes. Thank you for working up and down, tirelessly with passion and vigor for our esteemed country. Indeed, hard work pays.

What a joy that now everyone knows South Sudan has one of the best journalists in the world? You have brought our country to the limelight at this time not because of the civil war but because of the great work you have been doing, the blessed work of your hands.

I am sure now; millions of girls around the world want to be like you. This act will empower girls and women in our country to do their best in everything because you have shown them clearly that it is possible to be recognized around the world in what you do.

I know you don’t know how many girls look up to you in this country and around the world because of your tremendous achievement. May the Lord strengthen you and give you wisdom to continue serving Him in your field of journalism.

The author is the Pastor in charge of PCoSS Kator Congregation

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