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By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Royal Secondary and Primary School in Bor town has been reopened barely two months after strike.

In May, the Jonglei State Ministry of Education, Gender and Social Welfare shutdown the school after many students were reportedly wounded and school destroyed.

According to the early report, students staged a protest against the decision by the school administration to cut off feeding program which they claimed to have paid for.

This resulted into confrontation between the students and the police forces after the principal, Kur Madul Jongkuch called on police force to restore order at the school resulting to the injuring of two students.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, the State Minister of Education Ayom Mach Jok said the school has been reopened after the administration met the students’ demands.

“The school was closed when the students were on strike. They had claimed that the feeding program, tuitions and bedding system were challenging. So we shutdown the school for time being until such demands were met,” Mr. Jok said.

“After having observed all these in place, we reopened the school last week and they are now operational. The students complaints have been met, structures are put in proper form, and the accommodation is also improved,” the minister added.

Minister Jok stated that though the school was burnt, the administration was able to renovate structures and classes respectively.

He advised the private schools’ administration to revise their system of management in order to meet national education policies

The minister warned those were renting first class apartments as schools to cease from such acts, citing that it was not logical to establish school without financial capacities.

Jok said that the private schools guidelines and regulation for Jonglei were in the state parliament to be passed into law.

“If any business person wants to open the school then we will subject them to the conditions. We should know each person’s financial capacities, compounds and lands they will be using because most of the private schools depend on the collection from the students,” Minister Jok revealed.

He advised the national Ministry of Education to reinforce the state education ministries with maximum regulations for private schools.


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