Bor residents decry deployment of security forces in town

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Residents in Bor Town have decried what they described as “night torture and mistreatment” by security forces within residential areas.

Late last week, security forces were deployed in Bor town following a communal fight in which one police officer was shot dead.

The organized forces vowed to arrest anybody found roaming around the street right from 9:00 PM.

Now the residents claim that the soldiers have resorted to torturing of citizens instead of protecting them.

On Monday, a student of Dr. John Garang Memorial University was arrested by a group of patrolling soldiers while returning home from a lecture.

“I was arrested and tortured seriously. They were not ready to listen,” Peter said. “Everyone has a reason why he moves at night and not everyone who moves at night is a criminal,” the student stressed.

Mr. Peter said the soldiers only decided to release him in the morning after beating him seriously at night.

One of the passengers who arrived to Bor from Twic East on Monday at around 11 PM stated that he was also tortured.

He said that the group of armed personnel who dressed in the military uniform stopped and asked him why he was carrying big bags at night.

“They asked me why I was carrying a big luggage. One of the soldiers claimed that I was a thief and his colleagues grabbed my bag. They started kicking me,” the person claimed.

Another complainer who identified himself only as Big M for the fear of reprisal said it was unfortunate that the deployment of soldiers in Bor Town was contradicting their mandate.

The source said the security forces were supposed to be vigilant on criminals but not someone who is caught doing nothing.

Many Bor residents said the deployment of the forces in Town was a great challenge because they beat young girls and women to the extent of stripping them naked, which is violence against girls and women.

“If someone has long hair, they cutoff the hair claiming that they are disciplining the citizens but this is not the methodology. These forces have left their main duties. They even block people from getting in or outside of Bor Hospital at night,” the sources said.

Attempts to reach Jonglei State Police Commissioner Maj. General Chol Atem Jongeth for a comment were futile by press time.


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