Body guard of a king can never become a king


By Chairman Manyang Parek von Chief Parek

It is quite clear in political history that the bodyguard of a king can never assume the position of a king without coming from the royal family background within the kingdom. Thus, king becomes a king if accepted by his subjects and are always ready to acknowledge his authority through following him within the empire.It is therefore, their obligation to often follow him as supporters of his kingdom and are ready to protect him from any external or internal danger or enemy that might come from outside to destroy the kingdom.

In spite, it is unheard of for anybody who is not from royal family to assume position of a king without the support of the citizens within the kingdom. This means bodyguards of past leadership of SPLM must not dream of becoming king or president as they are not from his family background neither have they acquired qualities of leadership that can enable them to rule the country as they do lack right educational background for that matter. Thus their attempt or wishes to be president will not be possible as bodyguard does not become king in the end.Therefore, being body guards their efforts will end in vain as are mere bodyguards of past leadership at the time of liberation struggle without qualification to be president of the country.Although we know that bodyguard can kill the king or die for him without assuming the position of the king within the empire.

Thus, bodyguards of past leadership should not then claim leadership of governing the system of governance without having enough knowledge and experiences in how to rule the system of governance within the society. Worthily they lack political knowledge and capacity, ability and skills to rule the government more effectively as expected by the people. We are aware they have been badly oriented by past leadership instead of providing them with enough knowledge and skills on how to administer and manage the institutions of government well without corruption and accountability. They only looted public resources with a claim that they are the only ones who have liberated our beloved country which is of course nonsense and negative.

Under this ground I assure you that they will never rule us as are warlords of criminal’s mind who have badly destroyed the economy that led to insecurity within our nation.But the only hope remaining in our hands is to force them out of power as soon as possible. This should be within few weeks as our people does demand change for the sake of peace without failure. And that can apparently end the era of sitting behind tanks and heavy artilleries as a show of force to people. By threatening people’s lives to remain in power indefinitely is unacceptable today. The more leaders use force against citizens the worth it becomes as that force our leaders to form political resistance movements against the system of governance that lead to insecurity within the nation.

Thus,in this era of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), is that of dictatorship as top leadership does use body guards to intimidate people at free will within the society. Such culture of oppression and domination of poor citizens is being termed as terrorization of the people in order to be supported to achieve united Sudan by then which has ended up in failure. The act of force against people does make SPLM wither away in the memory of citizens like dry leaves that drop off from the trees during dry season. Meaning that SPLM is doom without hope of any survival and that also does end the era of sitting behind tanks and heavy artilleries as show of force. To make citizens fear to oppose the government is to keep on ruling indefinitely the nation. This is why their style of governance is that of military mindset as are warlords that opted for power control without minding for humanity. They only know how to kill people mercilessly without regard as if we are not brothers and sisters in Christ. Thus human being is not so recognized, and then he may fail to recognize other human beings within the society. Hence, his claim of independent human being is always acknowledged by well cultured leaders who do believe in Christian moral authority, values and ethics.Whatever he is, in large part, is determined by what he feels and thinks about political issues going on within the society. Thus whatever he feels and thinks is determined by the feeling and thought that prevail  within humankind that he does belong.

Nevertheless, these warlords do act in a way as if they were made up of angry mop that has formed SPLM as an organization that has no clear political vision, objective and ideology which our people can rely on at the end. Worthily there is lack of knowledge about the art of governance on their part which has killed our nation as they do lack enough knowledge about governance which resulted to mismanagement of the system of governance. This reason they never provide social welfare benefits because of lack of economical development in the country. Right now there are no schools, hospitals, shelter, clean drinking water, roads and hydroelectric power for the operation of industries. This has caused major resistance psychologically arduous and, weary of resisting, the individual succumbs that make dignity suffers. Despite of that an individual, who has made himself politically unique do responds to miscreant or wrongdoer without political compromise due to differences in visions, objectives and ideology one does believe in.

Thus paternalism demean sits subjects as self fulfilling prophecy as control of power within the nation does kill people. It treads on individuality. But king must have moral authority that allows him to command his subjects and be protected by his bodyguards. Due to that past leadership,SPLM did use his bodyguards to protect him at the time of the struggle in the bush. These bodyguards have now developed the attitude of superiority and ambition of becoming the president of South Sudan (Sudanile) which is pure illusion or wishful hunt. It is mere gambling with politics as they are not the right political leaders to rule our country after they have created unnecessary war campaign.  Likewise they lack political skills of leadership because of poor education that does not contain Christian values. Although the activity of governance is as hard and bad as it does demand somebody who is fit to rule the country in more effective manner. Thus common mold matter most as paternalism does damage dignity as action of brutality of enforcement of power over people is clear dictatorship and tyranny. Well people who reject the moral authority and culture of paternalism may taste so bitter such action of enforcement of authority on citizens in the society.

In conclusion, the days of liberation are over meaning that leadership should not anymore come from nowhere within the society. It should emerge from well cultured traditional leadership who does understand well political theory of governance. Clear system of governance must be based on the principles of democracy, freedom and rule of law according to the constitution of the nation within the society. This must be made clear to leaders who would take our nation forward out of this political mess where there is no development that has taken place as they are only engaged in war campaign for no good reason. As we know our country can only be a peaceful nation if we stop the ongoing war and work on the establishment of true federal system of governance made up of six states but free from ethnicity set up as we are one people and nation or as confederate nations. But know that history of South Sudan will one day judge us accordingly as we have badly damaged our nation through ignorant and selfishness against each other as if we are not brothers and sisters in Christ. However, remember that it is high time for military leadership to move out of civil administration as our nation must adopt democracy as the only way forward that can allow us to determine our political leadership together in peace.

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