Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

Ministry of health should investigate cases of drug shortages in public hospitals. People’s lives are threatened because drugs were not available but could be found in the surrounding pharmacies. This is an indication that there are cartels which are hell-bent to ensure medicines were not available for the common-man who cannot afford the high costs charged in the private institutions. It can be singled out that the shortages only affect public institutions which are considered pocket friendly to the large population. Reports are that there are some medics who are fond of recommending medical cases to their preferred private hospitals where they are reported to be having personal interests. Such practices compromise service delivery to the sick and needy. The medical ethics are very clear. One of them is to save life before anything. This is not normally the case as in many time medics place monetary demand before even examining a patient. This kind of behavior has forced the sick to seek for alternatives ending up before the so called quacks marauding as medics. These people have caused the death of untold number of innocent patients by providing questionable prescriptions and treatments. They should not be allowed to gamble with the lives of the sick and those in need of treatments. They come in all forms, some as healers, herbalists, self-proclaimed doctors and name it. They prey on the innocents taking advantage of the families of the sick to extort lifetime savings pretending to cure all types of diseases.  This is the more reason the ministry has to come in and save the situation by ensuring provision of drugs in public health institutions to cater for those who cannot afford private hospitals. A healthy nation develops a healthy economy. A team should be set to regularly visit these public institutions to solve any possible problem which may hinder service delivery.

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