At long last the Juba City Council administration has fulfilled their promise to repair and open for use the section of the main Juba-Nimule Road near Kubri. This section had been an eyesore to motorists and the general users. It has taken them out-of time to complete, but better late than never. What the council should now do is to ensure the murram covering the area is replaced with tarmac. Otherwise the work which has hived off the suffering would be nothing. The road is used by heavy commercial trucks and light vehicles. It will be important if the drainage systems in the area were properly placed and managed. Still the city fathers should not be comfortable that they have achieved what the residents require by opening this section of the road. There are a number of short-cuts to service delivery that they should be able to address. It is imperative to try to impress upon the residents who are tax-payers with back-kick services that do not meet their expectations. The council’s attention is well informed by the stray dogs roaming the streets of the city, uncollected garbage, stagnant waters in and around the streets, and more street children who should be rehabilitated and made to look forward of being responsible citizens. The current city hall administration came in with many promises and dangling carrots. Right now they would have gone some miles but instead their junior officers go-about harassing small-scale traders demanding to be bribed. Although the top-notch are talking tough, there must be action to demonstrate to the public and tax-payers that something was being done.  Time for shouting or empty promises should be considered gone by the past. People now need to have a new-look town in the city and not the one which is there now. There should be a change of scenarios instead of having repeated and the same one every now and then. It is time for City Fathers to wake up and do what are expected of them.


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