Appreciate the little you have

By Ngor Khot Garang

Some of us who have not understood this kind of life will always ask themselves why the world is not fair and why it treats people differently.

A young man whose dad cannot afford his school fees will constantly blame God for giving him such a poor dad and why God hadn’t blessed him with a rich dad.

This also happens when one finds himself in a family where both the parents are very poor to the extent that they can’t afford a meal per day.

One would ask himself or herself that God why didn’t you create me in the family where children are driven to school by a car and fed with silver spoon.

When we are born to these kinds of families where tomorrow is always uncertain, we become too afraid to do what we were called here for just because our family background is not pleasant and we look at those with money as the ones meant for greater success in life than us.

That is not true at all and it will never find a fertile ground to stand as truth, never!

God is not selective nor is he a businessman? We don’t pay Him money or gold to give us the kind of life we need and if he was paid to do so, you would have been right to blame your parents why they paid little money and why they chose to be poor.

Each one of us is born with absolutely nothing but after realizing that there is lack, he/she then turns his/her sweat into bread and that is the path we are all expected to follow.

Every human beings matter in God’s eyes and we are all the same but what makes the difference is how we follow the rules that govern life.

If you have little or nothing now, it doesn’t mean you are behind or God has forgotten you. It simply means you have not given your best or that your share is not yet ripe.

There are certain things we cannot understand in this life and that is why when you trace the backgrounds of those who have changed the world today. You will learn that they came from very humble beginnings with others with unbelievable stories that will make you think like they were fabricated.

You never know maybe the reason why God placed you there in that poor family was to be an eye opener to that family and that is why your parents rejoiced and celebrated when they gave birth to you.

They never planned for you that so and so is going to be born but God did and he knows the reason as to why he chose you to be born there.

Therefore, if where you are from is not what you wanted, there is no doubt that is where God wants you to be.

You are the solution provider to any situation and all the problems you may find yourself in.

Asking yourself why the grass is not greener on your side should not be an excuse for anything. You are more than enough to turn things around and your future lies in your hand.

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