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In my thinking and belief, some of these so called international organizations should close doors and leave us alone. This time around l need Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth to tell them point blank that the country is moving forward to develop itself with peace at the door and there is no room for recycled reports or press releases which are doing the drawing back instead of moving forward. Why do l say so? Because the so called amnesty international has again released their new finding to convince their masters to oil their pockets.  For you and me, is this report really new as we are being made to believe. I am sharing with you to see how necked lies are being peddled. I have time and again pointed out that there are people and institutions that do not wish this country good. I have always tried very hard to discourage them from recycling and peddling old information based on alleged new found information. This report is taking us back to 2013. Honestly how fair are these people and their institutions. Time has come that the country can only deal with truth based on trust and respect. Not from a Kangaroo court point of view which is the darling of many of these foreign institutions pegged on how much is awaiting them from the other side where their masters are basking in donor aid funds. We cannot continue to be treated with these kind of game-play and this must be a consolidated concern of every citizen because it cannot be allowed to continue. Kindly share with me and be free to share your informed opinion on such so called reports. This here is my own opinion but l believe it is shared by a number of good and well nurtured citizens who have the love for the country at heart. This is the report titled as below:-



Is justice attainable in South Sudan?

Amnesty International has been investigating whether the thousands of civilians killed hundreds of thousands of people displaced and a countless number raped, tortured, arbitrarily detained or forcibly disappeared since the deadly December 2013 clashes between the government and opposition forces are likely to ever get justice.

This new body of work by Amnesty International documents the failure of the South Sudanese government to investigate and prosecute suspects of crimes under international law committed since the start of the conflict. It is based on interviews with legal professionals, government officials, UN personnel, and civil society representatives working in or with the justice sector, alongside a review of presidential decrees and orders, reports by government-led investigations and court documents, as well as reports and studies by UN bodies, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations

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