Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

The timing of repairing a section of the road leading in and out of Juba to the outside world was taken to ensure it is completed before the heavy rains takes the toll. Information indicates that the authorities game the team repairing the section near Kubri Bridge 45 days to make sure the work was done to the required standard and was made passable for motorists. The hour is nearing the day given but the road seems to be so far away from being completed. The condition of this road has been the talks of many users who are wondering why it is left to deteriorate to this end. The City council came in and made sure it was done but only this sections, what about the out of Juba City sections which are causing a lot of concern to the public and road users. There should be someone in charge of the damaged sections which are not within the city’s jurisdiction. The road serves to bring in and take out import and export. It is understood that the economic situation has not been in favour of the country but it cannot be used to ignore the only lifeline for the country. Other things can wait but repairs of this road should be given priority. Nimule border point which this road serves is one area where the revenue is collected for the development. It would be important that part of these revenues be used to carpet or tarmac the potholes which are turning out to be a danger to motorists Patches which are done by some people on the road and are even more dangerous when it rains. There is urgent need to repair this road and have flow of goods to the country without much ado.

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