African Leaders Should Observe Human Rights Values

By Omuno Mogga Otto

The journey of establishing democracy and human rights in Africa will not be very long if the leaders in Africa work hard to make it possible so that the continent will be free and peaceful.

The ongoing political misfortune facing many African countries is basically related to greed, corruption, selfishness and lack of good governance.

Africa is a rich continent with plenty of resources, but war, ethnic trouble and lack of good governance is the only antisocial thing keeping it poor.

The Western World and capitalists are being talking more about respect to the human rights and enhancement of democratic transformation in Africa and other parts of Asian continent.

But material assistance to support in activating or implementing such useful program is less than what they talk and far from reality.

Some elites in Africa are putting the blame of the political mess, corruption and lack of free and fair democratic change on the colonial regimes which had ruled Africa at the early 19th Century. Instead they had handed power to political elites who have concentrated only in investing and initiating on political package which has indirectly renewed the negative policy of the colonizers towards Africa.

They are saying the colonizers are the main cause of many problems facing most of African countries where their systems do not respect rule of law and freedom of speech.

It could be true simply because many countries in Africa had not benefited from the post-colonial era and after the colonial regime handed power to Africans to rule themselves.

They are saying problems of divide and rule, ethnic division and lack of respect to the rule of law and human rights are the same governance program established by the colonizers.

Since the British, French and other colonizers left Africa, the case of civil war, political corruption and dictatorship system of governance remain the order of the day in many countries within the continent.

It became the order of day simply because many leaders in Africa do not respect, value and consider demand of the public pointing at providing the human right and freedom of speech and respect to the rule of law to each and every one.

What many leaders in Africa have been doing has directly deprived or prevented many Countries in Africa from capitalizing in real infrastructure and economic development.

In Africa when some leaders are still trying to sell their political program to public at time of democratic elections they look smart and honest.

But when they are elected, they will begin to turn their political program in to something which does not match with what they promise to deliver.

Many leaders which are democratically elected to lead the country through a transparent and equitable political manifesto so as to promote peace and unity normally change their political program later when they are already in power.

After their elections you may find them changing their political program in favor of very few cliques, certain ethnic group or society that are very close to them.

The great damage in terms of the system of governance prepared by the colonizers is not supposed to happen again in this present time if African leaders are strongly united to stand firm by protecting the continent from further political corruption and bad system of governance.

The impression of working for the interest of the people can easily be achieve if we value humanity and promote democratic transformation.

The business of greed, corruption and ethnic division is being use by people in power to protect their game of looting the resources of the country.

It is an agenda being use by some African leaders to keep away the need for the respect to the rule of law and human rights. Dictators are the best deceivers.

They are against democratic change. Their role is to make sure they misused the public fund without accountability at time of political confusion and when things begin change they normally run away.

In nineties Angola and Rwanda had a terrible war. But both countries are now peaceful after their leaders are beginning to believe that war on the basis of greed and ethnic division is taking the continent backward. In eighties and nineties Southern Sudanese took up arms against Islamic system of the then Sudan.

They fought the Islamic regime for the sake of freedom, respect to the rule of law, human rights and above all peace for Southerners.

After South Sudan gained independence in 2011 the former comrades who freed South Sudanese by what is mentioned above had fought each other.

They have disagreed and some of them have turned against each other because what they are supposed to do in order to keep South Sudan free, peaceful and strongly united without hatred and political division is no longer part of program included in the current political atmosphere.

The slogan of a peaceful, independent and prosperity is no more existing because it is replaced with something different which will never encourage or strengthen the unity of the people of South Sudan.

There is no true peace and unity in the current Sudan because lack of peace, freedom and respect to the rule of law is the only misunderstanding between the interim Military Council and the public.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is being suffering from war simply because there is no proper system to change the style of leadership in favor of the citizens.

In 2008 when elections were held in Kenya, its results brought political chaos after the opposition accused and claimed that the then government rigged its results.

With exception of South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia and few other countries, Africa still need to be set free from dictatorship so that democracy and respect to human rights will flourish in the whole continent.

The leaders in Africa should work hard to boost peace, stability by allowing freedom and respect to human rights values.

One day peace and democracy will prevail in Africa. One day Africa will be free and an era of dictatorship will no more continue in many areas of the continent.

The African leaders should adhere to human rights values so that one day Africa will absolutely engage and work closely with the rest of the world to support universal peace, human rights and true physical activity of democracy.

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