‘’Africa We Want’’

Essay by: Akol Arop Akol

Africa Personality and identity

As I write this letter, I am confident and proud to be an African. It is the best place where the creator has chosen for me. This continent needs me and this why I am here today. I need Africa, I believe in Africa and I love Africa. I believe the geographical area has the most beautiful features I have ever imagined over the world. My identity is African. Though world is created as one everyone has his or her origin, culture and belief.

Africa as the biggest continent is magnificently gifted with landscapes and unique people who are proud of who and where they are. If I may wish to visit other corners of the world the thought and love for Africa would still exist in my heart, mind and dreams.

In the eyes of the world, we have precious image of hard-work, integrity, prosperity and unity that have made Africa rich in history. This reveals unbroken cooperation in where people work together for common goals to develop the continent.

Africa is more than a blessed continent with her beloved countries that makes her be called (USA) United States of Africa that is characterized by uncountable resources such as fertile land, gold, uranium, Oil, mountains wild life and water sources such as Lake Victoria, Tanganyika, River Nile and so forth which are colorful for tourist attraction with her.

Despite there are some naturally poor countries, Africa still carries a golden name of being rich and this is done when the poor states are supported financially and politically in order to strengthen and establish strong economy, education and security to improve life standards of civil population.

The countries have to embrace spirit of peaceful brotherhood to back up each other in terms of exporting and importing goods and services. This would allow citizens to interact and get job opportunities in other sisterly states.

As the interaction links have already been setup, more connection needs to be innovated and agreed upon by Africans for example, the East African Community that integrated 6 countries to work together. This step is crucial to free citizens from heavy taxation at the border and reduces high rate of unemployment for people to get job opportunities basing on educational qualification, adopted skills and personal will-drive to work. This is a chance to extend development equally in Africa as the produced goods and services are shared among the people. Though some individuals may have low education background, they would be working in factories; farms construction sites and also run personal business to earn a living.

As Oil production and agriculture are the backbones of some African countries, there has to be proper sharing and usage of natural resources by exploiting and utilizing them in order to generate income. This is a role of every government to bring in the drilling and manufacturing factories for professional production. If each country uses the resources without corruption, the national government would be able to Export the products to builds strong economy.

Every human in this world has his or her own cultural values. African needs to appreciate and promote her culture of respect, unity, peace and team work among people. Through social interaction the Africans would have sense of Patriotism as one people sharing the same history.

The youth as the tools used for development should not be mobilized or misused for dirty politics that result into conflicts. They should instead be nourished, educated and socially empowered to stand strong as agents of peace and development. Games and sports should be promoted nationally and regionally such as football and basketballs which are the most played and watched leisure activities. The young people are engaged to show out their skills and talents. This is a tool for easy interaction and participation of Africans without segregation.

African music has also played a big role through emotional and spiritual inspiration which uplifted hopeless souls. It speaks for the rights of the voiceless marginalized minority. African great artists such as Chaka Chaka with her song ‘’Freedom’’ and Bob Marley with ‘’Stand up for your right’’ have struggled to liberate Africans from bondage. Their inspiring messages touched and transformed many lives across the continent. Yet today there is a need for freedom for all so we have to bring up the young people by discovering and developing their talents such that they speak out their prophetic visions because God talks through them.


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