Accusing them All

By Akol Arop Akol

That group, which branches off to different path when people are moving on one wide road together, has confused the journey and that is why it is hard to succeed even if people are struggling for common things.

Day and night, people move up and down, some cry while others are smiling what brings those gabs among them? Other problems are natural while the rest are human-made such as wars, environmental pollutions and poverty which are a result of laziness of the farmers to cultivate and generate enough food.

What do humans really need? It is life improvements which need to be well-enjoyed. Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy and happy but despite that, no needs there are those who go parallel whose expectations and interests are differently based on selfishness.

They have made life so complicated. They cause stress, conflicts, separation and failure for others. This is why I am accusing them all.

These are those whom we choose as our symbols to lead us but later use the power against us to destroy through bribing with money, and mobilizing innocent poor-ones to follow and fight for their interests letting them turn against their friends.

Their betrayals have shown that when they lobby for a post, it is to satisfy themselves with corrupted properties that belong to the public.  Why do they use public resources for households alone while the other people survive on leftovers from bosses like parasites?

Those who give wrong unjustified information about others have made brothers and sisters, relatives and couples become enemies among themselves because they are confused and quickly lend their ears fake news that cause tension.

They put in mind as being told that those people are not good without verification of the source.  The quote that says one man’s meat is another man’s poison means what is good for one is not the same to the other.

Accuse them all those who don’t like the qualities of others. Those who hate others because of beauty and handsomeness should stop being annoyed by the uniqueness of others such as the colour of the skin, smile, teeth or body shape because they don’t have them.

Those who cheat in relationship and leave others miserable while they are happy are merciless and will never escape the sequences. Why could someone confuse someone’s daughter with exploitation but later runs away?

Those who brag with what they have in the eyes of others, driving the vehicles and occupying the roads as if they constructed them should stop and value others as the drivers and the pedestrians footing are all equal.

Those who take part in reckless driving on highways and at the time the very ones to rush out with weapons to scare must follow justice.

Those who mistreat employees like servants or slaves have made the less fortunate ones to lose hope and stop thinking positively. Sometimes they may believe that they have no chances to be just like others around them. They end up being ignored.

Those who see new people and start judging or gossiping without any mistake done are cowards; they should go straight and tell them what is wrong in order to know. A stranger should not be insulted or criticized if he or she didn’t say or do something bad.

But there are those whose job is only spreading rumors that are not right, they will one day be dragged into the pits they dug.

Accuse them all who betray people when hard times come. In friendship or a covenant, people unite themselves to do common things but when discouragements come, they easily forget all what have been uniting them and they rebel.

Life is becoming hard and those who hate well-being and holding us down. Together we should have been somewhere, we want to be but due to their evil acts, we failed severally in life. Thus, many of us have lost hope and surrendered. Can’t we succeed in whatever we desire if we unite to say and do one thing?




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