French Ambassador encourages women to fight for their rights.


The French Ambassador to South Sudan, Jean-Yves-Rouxn (file photo from Google):

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The French Ambassador to South Sudan, Jean-Yves-Rouxn has called upon women in the country to fight for their rights.

He said the women can fight for their rights individually, in groups and through women advocacy teams to ensure full respect of women rights in the country.

The French Ambassador was speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview on Thursday, during the International Women’s Day celebration.

The Ambassador explained that if women are accorded the rights they deserve, South Sudan will be a peaceful and calm country, describing women as “problem solvers” in the community.

“Women always solve problems peacefully without fights but this can only happen if we respect their rights,” the French ambassador said.

The Ambassador appreciated the Minister of Gender and Social welfare, Awut Deng Achuil for supporting the women in South Sudan.

“Women, Never give up, fight for your rights individually, never accept daily abuses, it’s a fight that has to be done in the villages and the city, in the parliament, in the government you have to make sure that those who abuse women’s rights face the law,” Yves-Rouxn said.

The French envoy further explained that the situation of women in South Sudan has to be dramatically improved, in terms of rights and practical daily rights of women.

Though Yves-Rouxn acknowledged that it will take long to achieve full respect of women’s rights, he urged that it must be respected.

“It is a long and difficult task, it’s a prominent and long term effort, and we continue to preach about the respect of women’s rights,” Yves-Rouxn told Juba Monitor.